The DMAP Digitizer


The DMAP Digitizer is a Windows application designed specifically for producing digitized maps for DMAP from map image files produced by a scanner. The scanned map image is displayed on the screen in a scrollable window and features on the map can be digitized using the mouse. It can work with metric (kilometre) co-ordinates such as national grid co-ordinates, or latitude/longitude (degree) co-ordinates. In the case of latitude/longitude maps, the projection must be 'cylindrical equidistant'. In practice this means that the DMAP Digitizer should only be used for latitude/longitude digitizing when a map is available in this equidistant linear projection, or over a small geographical area where deviation from a linear projection is negligible.

The digitized map data are saved in a text (BDY) file in a format which is suitable for DMAP Version 5.0 or later.

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