Download a Demonstration Version of DMAP

This page gives access to a facility for downloading a demonstration version of DMAP for Windows. This demonstration version has the functionality of Version 7.5 except that the number of records displayable per species is limited to 20.

This page contains important information which you will need for installing and using the software, so you are strongly advised to print this page for future reference before downloading.


Click on the link below to download the installation file, and save the file in a folder of your choice or on your desktop.

Download DMAPDEMO.ZIP (9.3MB)

Installing the software:

  1. After downloading, open the compressed folder,, and run the Setup program, setup.exe, by double-clicking on it.
  2. The Installation wizard will start and will guide you through the installation procedure.
  3. On completion of the installation you should see the following icons under Programs|Dmapw on the Start Menu: DMAP, DMAP Documentation, and MAPRECS.

Using and evaluating the software:

It is recommended that you use the Demonstration Version of DMAP primarily to explore the capabilities of the software using the example maps and data supplied. To do this, you will probably find the DMAP Help topic Exploring the example maps most useful. This will enable you to view Distribution Maps and Coincidence Maps, and perform operations such as printing the maps and saving maps for export to other software.

If, after exploring the capabilities of DMAP, you are satisfied that it will meet your mapping needs, it is recommended that you order the fully-functional version of DMAP to replace the demonstration version before entering your own data. If, however, you would prefer to start entering your own data into the demonstration version, you should read the following notes:

Detailed instructions for using DMAP and for setting up your own data files are given in the DMAP Help system. This Help system is available interactively when you are running DMAP, and a listing of all the topics in the Help system is also provided via the 'DMAP Documentation' icon on the Start Menu.

In addition to the detailed information in the DMAP Help system, it is strongly recommended that you refer to the following pages on the DMAP Web site for important supplementary information which is designed to get you started with your own data more quickly:

During evaluation, if you need any assistance with installation, setting up maps for your study area, or entering your data, you are invited and encouraged to get in contact with Alan Morton.

Obtaining a fully-functional version:

The cost of the fully-functional version is £70 (70 GB Pounds) for each installation of the software required. The fully-functional version can be obtained by any of the following methods:
For further information, see the Orders and Payment topic.

The latest release of the fully-functional version will be sent to you by first class or air-mail post and and can be used to upgrade the demonstration version to the fully-functional version without affecting any data files which you may have set up. The upgrade will remove the limitations of the demonstration version.

Alan Morton

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