Latitude+Longitude Map Downloads

This page gives access to a small library of ready-to-use maps for DMAP. This page also gives information about requesting a specific map.

DMAP map files currently available for direct download:

A small number of ready-to-use maps are available for download. If these maps suit your needs in terms of area and quality, you can use them as supplied. If, however, they are not suitable, you can request a map as described further down this page.

Area Download File
North America NAMERICA.ZIP (187KB)
South America SAMERICA.ZIP (69KB)
Europe EUROPE.ZIP (159KB)
Britain and Ireland BILL.ZIP (695KB)
Africa AFRICA.ZIP (96KB)
Western Asia WASIA.ZIP (135KB)
Eastern Asia EASIA.ZIP (109KB)
Australasia AUSTASIA.ZIP (80KB)


The downloaded ZIP files are compressed folders. After downloading, simply double-click on the folder name and it will expand to show the contained Boundary (BDY), Parameter (PAR) files. After extracting these files, install the files in DMAP by following the instructions given in the DMAP Help topic Setting up a new File Group.

As supplied, the Map Parameters are set very wide to cover a large area. After installing the map files in a DMAP File Group, it is suggested that you adjust the Map Parameters (including the Aspect Ratio) to display the coverage which you require.

DMAP map files available by request:

Request a lat+long BDY file from Alan Morton, extracted from a world dataset at an appropriate resolution for the size of area required. You will need to state your exact requirements in terms of the latitude and longitude extremeties of the area which you require. These BDY files are usually supplied containing the following features: Coastlines & Lakes, Rivers & Canals, and International Boundaries. The files are annotated and can be edited to remove unwanted features. The first map that you order will be provided free of charge, subsequent maps will involve a 10 GBP extraction and handling charge.
Click here for an order form.

Comments about these facilities are invited and can be sent to Alan Morton

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