DMAP order form

To order a copy of DMAP 'on approval', please fill in and send the form below. It is assumed that you agree to the conditions of supply set out below, on this form.


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Proposed use for DMAP (for example 'bird distribution mapping')

If you require an additional latitude/longitude boundary file for a particular study area, you can either download it yourself (free of charge) via the Additional Maps page or you can order it (at a charge of GBP10) by supplying the following information:

Name of study area

Latitude limits: South: North:

Longitude limits: West: East:

Or, Grid Reference limits:

South-west corner: North-east corner:

Any further requirements or questions

Conditions of supply: Do you undertake that within eight weeks of receiving DMAP you will either pay for DMAP (GBP70 per installation) plus the cost of additional boundary files or you will return the DMAP CD and delete any installations or copies made?