DMAP - Distribution Mapping Software Recorder 6

Using DMAP with Recorder 2000/2002/6

Recorder has an in-built mapping module named MapServer. This can be used for simple distribution mapping but it lacks several features which are important in more advanced distribution mapping and in the publication of distribution maps and atlases. DMAP can be used for distribution mapping instead of MapServer, and it adds the following features:

DMAP can be used very easily with Recorder via the DMAP Extractor Addin.
Recorder DMAP export

The recommended approach is to use the DMAP Extractor Addin available for download via the following link:
Recorder 6 Addins.
The downloaded zip file contains the Addin and full instructions for generating distribution data files for DMAP from this Recorder 6 Addin.

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Further Information:

For further information about DMAP or Recorder, visit: To order the DMAP software:

Services and Support for DMAP users:

The following services are offered to users of DMAP with Recorder:

For enquiries about these services, or for support in using DMAP, Contact Alan Morton.