How to... Install a new map within DMAP

The information on this page is for users of DMAP who wish to obtain additional Boundary (.BDY) files for setting up File Groups for new map areas.

Outline Procedure

  1. Decide whether you need a map based on metric (grid reference) or latitude/longitude co-ordinates.
  2. Acquire a digitized Boundary (BDY) file or Map Image (BMP) file for your map area by one of the methods given under the headings Grid Reference BDY files or Latitude+Longitude BDY files below.
  3. Copy the BDY or BMP file (and PAR file if supplied) into your C:\DMAPW folder.
  4. Set up a new File Group which incorporates the new BDY or BMP file. Refer to the DMAP Help topic Setting up a new File Group for information about how to do this.
  5. Complete the installation of the new map by setting the Map Parameters as described in the DMAP Help topic Setting up a new File Group.

Latitude+Longitude BDY files:

Several options exist, including the ability to download some maps free of charge from this website. Options include:

Grid Reference BDY files:

Several options exist:

If you have any comments, suggestions or queries about these procedures, Contact Alan Morton

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