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List of Products

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Product Price Description
DMAP £70 Software for Distribution and Coincidence Mapping. This fully-functional version can be used to make a new installation or to replace a previously downloaded Demonstration Version. A payment of £70 is required for each installation made.
DMAP Upgrade £20 This can be used to upgrade an existing registered installation of DMAP for Windows to the latest version. A payment of £20 is required for each installation upgraded.
Additional Map £10 Latitude/Longitude maps for virtually any area of the World can be downloaded free of charge via the links on this Web site. If, however, you prefer to have this done for you, the cost is £10 per map.
DMAP Digitizer £25 Optional add-on software for on-screen digitizing of scanned maps for DMAP. A payment of £25 is required for each installation made.
Version of DMAP
FREE A Demonstration Version of DMAP can be downloaded from this Web site.
'on approval'
£70 The fully-functional version of DMAP can be supplied in advance of payment for a trial period 'on approval' on condition that you either pay for DMAP within eight weeks of receipt, or return it and delete any installations or copies made. Note - this offer is available for users in European Union countries only.

Orders and Payment

Any of the methods listed below can be used for ordering DMAP products or replacing a downloaded Demonstration Version with the fully-functional version: On receipt of a payment or official order, the software will be sent to you promptly by First Class or Air Mail post.

Note - if you order an Additional Map via the PayPal facility, please also Click here for a form to specify the map area which you require.

If you have further queries before making an order, or if you prefer to receive an order form by post, Contact Alan Morton

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