DMAP - Distribution Mapping Software

General Description:

DMAP for Windows is mapping software designed specifically for producing Distribution Maps and Coincidence Maps which are displayed in colour on-screen, with multiple zoom capability. The maps can be printed at high resolution in colour or black and white, or they can be exported as high-resolution images to other software for incorporating high-quality maps in reports or publications.

Base maps for specific areas can be supplied with DMAP, on request, or can be downloaded from the Internet, or they can be newly-digitized using the DMAP Digitizer software, or in the latest version of DMAP they can be produced by a scanner.

Data entry for DMAP is very flexible and can be done in a wordprocessor, a spreadsheet, a database, or a biological recording software package. The distribution data can consist of Grid References, a variety of other metric co-ordinates, UK PostCodes, or Latitude+Longitude.

DMAP is used by numerous individuals and organizations in over 40 countries, world-wide. A selection of comments from a few of these users can be seen on the What the users say... page.

Main Features:

System Requirements:

Any PC running any version of Windows or Apple Macintosh PC with Windows emulation or any PC running Linux with Crossover Office.

Further Information:

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Cost and ordering information:

If you have further queries before making an order Contact Alan Morton

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